Sibling programmes

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to travel over to Europe to visit the Youth Initiative Programme in Sweden, and the School of All »

Thank you - A poem by Alice Williams

I wake in the morning, wander to the kitchen and you are there. Sleepy-eyed and smiling. My heart is full remembering. Walks along the coast, yelling »

Wrapping up

Time to communicate with the world! After a valuable pause to breathe out, reflect, and digest the experiences of the past two years the OA team »

Next Steps for Orientation Aotearoa

After an incredibly successful pioneering year in 2015, Orientation Aotearoa have decided not to run the 8 month programme in 2016. We have been humbled by »

New year, new friends and new opportunities

Reflections on summer 2016 in Shelly Bay, by housemate Stefan Nekvapil. Though I wasn’t here for any of Orientation Aotearoa's 8 month programme, I feel »

Reflections on 2015: Gentleness & Trust

What a mind-blowing year! I want to deeply honor, congratulate and thank the incredible OA community for what has been for participants, coordinators, flatmates and wider »

Personal reflections on new forms of education

Five years ago, I embarked on a journey as a participant of the Youth Initiative Programme (YIP) in Sweden, an education programme unlike any education I »

P.D.C retrospective

I’d been waiting. Waiting for years. Waiting for the right time, the right place, the right teachers. I didn’t know it, but I’d »

A glimpse of OA

Term one has drawn to an end. I sit down in the evening sun wrapped in a knitted shawl. Reflecting on the last 13 weeks feels »

Annotations on a recipe in progress

Orientation Aotearoa Each week a different flavour Moments of magic, moments to savour. Journies within journies, A year in a week, a month in an hour »

Reflections on our food and harvesting week

Reflections on our food and harvesting week, by participant Kate McNab. 'Food week was full, with boxes of delicious feijoas and wild apples plucked from healthy »

Orientation Aotearoa Oasis.

After the amazing journey our team has been on to get to the start line, a new journey is beginning with the arrival of our participants »

OA Profile Series: Contributor Donald Jessep

Welcome to the fifth installment of the OA Profile Series. We are excited to hear from one of our inspiring contributors for the year, Donald Jessep »

OA Profile Series: Contributor Kaye-Maree Dunn

Welcome to the fourth installment of the OA Profile Series. We are excited to hear from one of our incredible contributors for the year, Kaye-Maree Dunn »

OA Profile Series - Participant Kate McNab

Welcome to the third installment of the OA Profile Series. We are excited to hear from one of our pioneering participants for the year, Kate McNab »

OA Profile Series - Coordinator Babs Lake

Welcome to this second installment of the OA Profile Series. OA is about all the people who come together and everything they bring. You are invited »

OA Profile Series - Coordinator Thomas Burton

Happy 2015 Everyone! The year has begun with a bang and the excitement is building! After some rest and time for reflection the OA team is »

Looking Back: Our End of Year Cèilidh

Celebration is vital! After an amazing year of hard work and play the Orientation Aotearoa team was eager to celebrate the mountains climbed and distance covered »

Tips for Fundraising

If you are wanting to join Orientation Aotearoa for an amazing year of living, learning and working together, but are worried about paying the $10,000 »

Weaving our futures together - The financial model of OA

Now for some words about finance and how money weaves into the Orientation Aotearoa picture. There are three funding strands; participant fees, a fee matching scheme »